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nathan -, 11/14/2005 08:17 pm
Added page for schema graph

Information for developers

We strongly suggest getting familiar with the tools below as well as the style guidelines before submitting any changes.

Also, reading existing code and understanding the big picture is very important. Please browse through the netdot-devel mailing list archives. If you haven't done so, you can subscribe to netdot-devel.

=== Tools used === {{{
}}} {{{
svn co https://ns.uoregon.edu/svn netdot (creates a netdot directory in CWD)
}}} {{{
svn ci
}}} {{{
svn update
}}} {{{
svn status
}}} {{{
svn diff
}}} {{{
svn help [command]

=== Style ===

Mason component layout: We'd like to follow a general rule when writing Mason components: {{{
Documentation section. Explain what the component does

Arguments passed to the component
Code to be executed before anything else.
Rest of the <%perl> blocks and HTML code.   

To maintain homogeneity and improve readability of your code, try to follow the [http://www.perl.com/doc/manual/html/pod/perlstyle.html Perl Style Guide]

=== CSS Formatting ===
Much of the formatting of the content of individual pages can be generalized to a couple different types of blocks. Visit the pages below for examples.

[wiki:CSS/Simple_Block_Structure Simple Block Structure]

[wiki:CSS/Two_Column_Layout Two-column Layout]

[wiki:CSS/Nested_Blocks Nested Blocks]

=== Netdot's Internals ===

[wiki:NetdotClasses Netdot's Classes ]

[wiki:NetdotSchema Netdot's DB Schema ]