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11:38 am Netdot Feature #1604 (Resolved): Dimensions for a site
It would be nice if we could have some column to represent the dimensions of a building. gross square footage (gsf) w...


05:36 pm Netdot Bug #1601 (Resolved): Creating a new address block from Address Space tasks
I am trying to create a new IP address range using the [new] tab on the Address Space Tasks panel. That takes me to t...


03:58 pm Netdot Bug #1593 (Resolved): Creating a new Group Contact
When creating a new group contact it looks like the first and last names are still required. Realistically group cont...


01:50 pm Netdot Bug #1592 (Resolved): Direction for the depth of the topology graph
It would be useful if when one specifies the depth of the topology graph one could also add a direction for the depth...


03:32 pm Netdot Bug #83 (Closed): Wrong Product for manually created device
When a device is created manually by providing a name/IP pair, the Product type is Catalyst 3000. This could be confu...
02:53 pm Netdot Bug #82 (Closed): Format doesn't look right when using Opera
I have noticed that when using Opera:
- the title of the boxes are raised above the margin.
- for the search boxes...

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